Dumb Stuff We Find Therapeutic

Congrats to Greg Miller on winning the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards last night. Well-deserved, and this kind of recognition makes me excited for the future of Kinda Funny.

Topic 4 this week of the GameOverGreggy show was about stuff we find therapeutic, both unconventional and conventional. I saw this as a great opportunity to explain why I watch this podcast, and what I get out of watching four guys sitting around a table talking.

For me, watching these particular podcasts is therapeutic. Whenever I’m stressed out or need to take a break from life, I like to sit back and throw on a Kinda Funny video. These were the first podcasts I’ve ever tuned into. I’ve always been a music guy and find listening to music therapeutic, so I never saw the point in listening to people talk. That view changed as I became more invested in the people of Kinda Funny.

I was a fan of Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller for their work at IGN. When I discovered that Greg had a YouTube channel, I started to check out his videos and became obsessed with his Oreo review videos. I couldn’t explain at first why I liked watching a grown man eat cookies and talk about them, but the videos were pretty funny and I knew it came down to the fact that I liked Greg as a person.

I then dove into the GameOverGreggy show and I was surprised that I couldn’t stop watching. Again, it comes down to the fact that I like the people on the show. Their conversations also remind me of being with my own friends and talking about anything, so I think that’s another reason I enjoy watching. It has been a year and a half since I started watching, and I love being a part of the Kinda Funny community.

The activities I find therapeutic are the ones where I turn my brain off and relax. That’s why I don’t find all video games to be therapeutic, because they require some skill and attention. What I want when I’m looking to destress is to do as little as possible. I agree with Colin that watching or playing sports is very therapeutic. I dedicate my Sundays to watching football, and Sundays have become my favourite day of the week because of how relaxing they are. I also played on a baseball team over the summer, and those two or three hours outside playing we’re so relaxing.

Maybe the dumbest thing I do when I want to destress is throw on some music and play solitaire on my computer. I’ve played over 7500 games in the last three years. Now that probably sounds like a huge waste of time, but this activity actually accomplishes a couple things. I get to relax by doing an activity that takes very little thought, and I sing along with music, so I get that fix as well.

What activities do you find therapeutic? Do any of them seem stupid or a waste of time to other people? Let me know in the comments.