Kinda Funny: Year One

On January 5, 2016 Kinda Funny celebrated their one-year anniversary. Greg’s YouTube channel, along with the GameOverGreggy show (GOG), had already been around for awhile, but it was one year ago that they rebranded as Kinda Funny and launched their second channel: Kinda Funny Games. Kudos on an excellent first year Best Friends!

To celebrate, the guys streamed on all day long and they also debuted Kinda Funny: The Animated Series, which I have linked above. Kinda Funny’s twitch stream that day was a celebration, but also an opportunity for them to promote The Animated Series and hopefully receive enough funding to continue the series for 12 episodes. To increase funding, the guys set up milestones that, if achieved, would see them do various things on stream, such as a push-up contest, the famous Nick Scarpino pec dance, Kevin on the GOG show, and a live (drunk) GameOverGreggy show. Now with all that said I’ve arrived at my point.

Typically, I choose a topic that the guys discussed on either the GOG show or the Gamescast and weigh-in with my opinion. The Gamescast (which was also done on Twitch) was about each of their favourite games from 2015. I only played a few new games this year (Life Is Strange, Emily Is Away, Telltale’s Game of Thrones), but none of the major titles, so I can’t really comment. The drunken GOG show on the other hand was almost 4 hours long! And yes, I watched it live with the rest of my Kinda Funny Best Friends (and it was awesome), but the topic structure definitely didn’t hold up throughout.

So this week I’ve decided to help promote the Kinda Funny Animated Series, talk about my history as a fan of the guys, and share some of my favourite Kinda Funny moments from this inaugural year.

I think I’ve said this before, but I started following Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty back when they worked for IGN as THE PlayStation guys. I bought a PS3 in 2013 and I fell back in love with video games. I started visiting IGN daily, and Greg and Colin were my favourite people on the site.

Somehow I stumbled upon Greg’s YouTube channel and I started watching the “A Conversation With Colin” series and his Oreo cookie review series called Oreo Oration. I don’t know why I was so entertained by a grown man eating Oreos, but regardless, I watched every single one of those videos. And I think there are like 50 of ’em.

I eventually clicked on my first ever episode of the GameOverGreggy show. I have no idea which topic I started with, but I remember spending that night watching one after another. A few months later, January 5, 2015 arrived and the guys announced they had left IGN and launched Kinda Funny.

Between the two YouTube channels, three podcasts, the live Twitch show, the events Kinda Funny covers, and all the other content they put up, there are tons of awesome moments. There is definitely a lot that I can’t even remember because of the sheer amount of content I’ve watched (first world KFBF problems). But I’ll list a few stand-outish moments now, and later regret the ones I forget to share.

First thing that comes to mind is the GameSpot X Kinda Funny E3 coverage. I was glued to my computer screen for three days because I didn’t want to miss anything that Kinda Funny did at E3. I’ve never really cared about E3 before—other than reading about the big announcements at the end of the event—but because of Kinda Funny I was addicted. They had Nick, Tim, Sisqo (of Thong Song fame), Chloe Dysktra (@skydart) and Alfredo Diaz (@TheAlfredoPlays) doing things from the floor, while Greg and Colin interviewed some awesome guests from their main stage. My absolute favourite moment is Nick Scarpino dancing with some mascots:

Nick Scarpino

Other fun memories from this past year: the Extra Life 24-hour charity stream, Greg winning the Trending Gamer award, Greg’s Walking Dead stream, Colin’s Mega Man stream, Xavier Woods/Austin Creed (@XavierWoodsPhD, @upupdwndwn) coming down to Kinda Funny HQ and eating a mayonnaise sandwich (so gross), Once Upon a Tim, The Shadowboxer, every episode of Love & Sex stuff, the Hot Pepper gaming episodes each of the guys did, and there are countless little jokes in every GOG episode and every Gamescast episode—too many to list.

Last thing I’ll give a shout out to are the Let’s Plays on the KindaFunnyGames channel. A couple recent ones: the Emily Is Away Let’s Play and just yesterday, the “That Dragon, Cancer” Let’s Play, really resonated with me. There are tons of games I probably wouldn’t have heard of had the guys not done these videos, so I thank Kinda Funny for that.

So congratulations again to Kinda Funny on a fantastic first year. I’m excited to see what is in store for year 2 and I’m proud to be a fan and supporter of this company. If you would like to support Kinda Funny and The Animated Series go to and throw ’em a few bucks!


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