The Best Video Game Music

I love music, and some of my favourite video games have amazing soundtracks featuring originally composed scores or licensed tracks. Topic 2 of the Kinda Funny Gamescast is all about video game music so of course I’m going to weigh in. I’ve talked about many of the games below in previous posts, so I’ll keep the discussion brief, but I’ve added a little taste of the music each has to offer.

Hotline Miami 1 and 2 features synthwave/electronic music from various artists, and its music is as addicting as its gameplay. These games require you to spend a lot of time figuring out each stage, so good music that doesn’t get boring or annoying is essential—this pairing of music and gameplay is perfect.

Final Fantasy VII is widely regarded as having one of the best soundtracks. Period. The Final Fantasy series in general is known for having great music, a lot of which was composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy music is so good that live orchestras have played it, recorded albums of it, and have done tours of it. Final Fantasy VII is one of the first games I ever played and still has one of the finest soundtracks.

I am such a big The Last Of Us fanboy, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve never  been so obsessed with a game before. I played the game twice, watched every behind the scenes video on YouTube, watched the full-length making of, bought and played the DLC on day one, watched the Teens React playthrough (all 20 parts), watched the live reenactment special, and downloaded the beautifully composed soundtrack. So ya, obsessed. I don’t normally study or do homework with music playing because it can be distracting, but sometimes instrumental stuff puts me in the zone, and Gustavo Santaolalla’s score for The Last of Us is awesome. Fun fact for all you Making a Murderer fans: Santaolalla did the music for that too.

I just recently talked about To the Moon, and one of my big selling points was the soundtrack, so check out both these videos.

The Life Is Strange soundtrack is mix of licensed music and originally composed music by Jonathan Morali of the band Syd Matters. It’s a phenomenal collection of music that adds to the atmosphere of the game, which follows two teenage girls and feels like an indie movie. The YouTube video above is actually a video I posted years ago (well before the creation of this game), because I loved the song so much and noticed it was not on YouTube. The song is call Obstacles by Syd Matters and is one of the major songs in Life Is Strange. I also quite enjoy the originally composed stuff, and I think Jonathan Morali composed a phenomenal score.

Telltale’s season two of The Walking Dead featured some licensed music while the credits played and this song was one of the best. The music throughout The Walking Dead is sombre and dramatic—I didn’t pay attention much to it while I was playing (and perhaps that’s the hallmark of a good soundtrack for this particular type of game), but the music during the credits was often beautiful and I was particularly taken with this song.

Honourable mentions: 

Mega Man

-I’ve only played Mega Man 9 and I love the music from it. I’ve heard the others have amazing soundtracks as well.

Final Fantasy X

-As I said above, the Final Fantasy series as a whole has great music, but my two favourites for music are VII and X. I’ll admit now that I haven’t played VI, but I’m looking forward to it, and maybe its soundtrack will dethrone one of these two behemoths.


-Thatgamecompany makes games that are interesting experiences and couples them with great music. I’m sure you gamers who know them are wondering why I listed Flower instead of Journey. Well, I haven’t played Journey yet… I know I know, so little time right? But Flower’s soundtrack is nothing to scoff at either.

NBA 2K Series/Madden circa 2000s

-The NBA 2K series always has awesome licensed music—a couple of the soundtracks were put together by Jay-Z and Pharrell. Madden in the 2000s used to have soundtracks of licensed music. These days they use their own football scores. I kind of miss the old days.

I’m the kind of guy who hears a song in a movie or video game and later looks up what it was. I love music, and I especially love being shown new music, so leave a comment with any video game soundtracks you love, or any songs you love that you heard in games.



One thought on “The Best Video Game Music

  1. Sonic 2. Among my favourite tracks are hilltop, metropolis, and ending.

    Metroid NES. The tone sets the mood perfect for the story. Title screen is pretty creepy. Dropping into a new area and hearing its distinct track is thrilling for the first time.

    Zelda 2. Love the game. Spent a lot of time playing it which is probably why I also enjoy the soundtrack.

    Golden Sun. Easily in my top 5 games. Soundtrack is awesome too. Elemental Stars brings me back every time.

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