The Worst (Trivial) Things That Ever Happened To You

This week I’m going with topic 2 from the GameOverGreggy Show. Greg asked the guys to share some stories about the worst trivial things that have happened to them, and his example was lending his PlayStation memory card to a friend and that friend losing it.

I liked all the stories told. I especially enjoyed Tim’s story about dropping his Transformer off the Golden Gate Bridge when he was a kid, and Colin’s story about his dad throwing away his old computer towers he’d been saving.

For me, the first memory I thought of was about an external hard drive I had in high school. It was filled with movies and T.V. shows, all of which I had seen multiple times and hadn’t watched in a while. One day I was cleaning up my computer desk when I accidentally elbowed that hard drive and watched as it crashed to the floor. I scooped it up, horrified, and tried plugging it in. Sure enough, it was broken. I was so sad that all those files were gone and needing to buy a new hard drive really sucked. I eventually got over it and accepted that those files could be replaced. I was also taught a valuable lesson on backing up important files!

One other story I’ll share is about this blanket I used to carry around with me when I was a little kid, probably 5 years old. I was a thumb-sucker and I’d always have this blanket with me. I looked exactly like this: linus
I think my parents were trying to ween me off the whole thumb-sucking thing, and they knew the catalyst to me doing it was when I had this blanket in my other hand (something about both at the same time just felt right). So a few times they threatened to throw the blanket away if I left it lying around. Being a little kid, I of course left it somewhere and sure enough, when I went to a retrieve it for a good old thumb-sucking session, the blanket was gone. I remember crying and begging my parents to give it back and being so upset that they would do this. Thinking back it still seems kind of mean to do that to a child, but I think they were right in the end.
Funny thing is, I found it years later in a plastic bag under the stairs. I guess they didn’t have the heart to throw it away. And no, I did not fall back into the old routine.

Let me know in the comments your stories of the worst trivial things that ever happened to you!


3 thoughts on “The Worst (Trivial) Things That Ever Happened To You

  1. This reminds me of when I was a young, I had a favorite outfit that I would wear everyday. It had a little bear on the front of the shirt, and pink stripes everywhere else. My parents as well decided to hide my favorite outfit. Till this day I don’t know what they did with it haha

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  2. my sister is four years older then me and one halloween when i was about 10 she ended up not feeling well and could not go trick or treating, i went all over our little town of 500 (and it took hours i would be from 3 til about 830 or 9 getting this load of 1 or 2 bags of candy) and because she was to sick to go trick or treating my parents thought it was only fair for me to share my candy with her!!!! WHAT after walking all over this town for this small amount of candy and now i have to give it away, safe to say i thought this was the end of the world at the time lol….may still even be a little bitter!!!


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